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This company was founded as Joseph Manton (London) Ltd in 2010 to emulate the famous name by making a few best quality modern shotguns. Four guns were made with serial numbers starting from 11500, including an innovative 3 barrel 20 bore. Whilst these guns are exceptional, the attempt to recreate a golden age of gun making was not a commercial success. 
Original Mantons are highly sought after and this collection has been assembled to appeal to collectors and to those interested in top quality muzzle loading sporting guns. 
Since 2004 Geoff Walker has been trading as THE FLINTLOCK COLLECTION (www.flintlockcollection.com). A hobby which turned into a business. A keen appreciation of the top English gun makers in an age before electric light together with a passion for shooting with an antique muzzle loader have lead to a dedicated collection of Mantons. They are all for sale! 
It should be emphasised that these guns are all antique collectors items which require no licence to own in the UK. Anyone intending to fire an antique gun must ensure that it is held on an appropriate shotgun certificate or firearms licence. 
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