A 14 Bore Percussion Double-Barrelled Sporting-Gun 


Date: 1822  Maker: Joseph Manton, serial no. 9076 

Converted from flintlock, with re-browned 30 inch damascus barrels, broad concave top-rib signed ‘JOSEPH MANTON’S NEW IMPROVEMENTS BY HIS MAJESTY’S PATENT’, martial and musical trophies engraved to the rib-end and breech, scroll engraved top-tang with central atlas trophy, platinum vented plugs, border and trophy engraved bar-action locks with scroll engraved ‘Manton’ hammers with detachable noses, figured walnut half-stock finely chequered at the wrist, clipped corner rectangular vacant escutcheon behind the top-tang, trophy engraved spur to the iron heel-plate, scroll engraved trigger-guard tang with grip safe engraved ‘PATENT’, border and trophy engraved trigger-guard bow, pineapple finial and ramrod throat and white-metal mounted wood ramrod 

 Provenance:  Neal and Back’s book, The Mantons: Gunmakers, describes a gun with the same serial number as a double barrel 16-bore shotgun with 30in. barrels inscribed JOSEPH MANTON HANOVER SQUARE LONDON’, with tubelocks of Joseph Manton patent, a grip safety device and barrels forged by William Fullerd. The gun was noted as being in the possession of James Purdey & Sons Ltd.  As both guns serial numbers appear genuine, it is possible that there was a duplication at the time of manufacture. 

Ref: 3350 
Price: £4,750 
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